Window Repair, Replacement and Installation Service in Singapore

Window repair can range from minor handle replacement or fixing the rubber at window edge to replacement of the entire window. In all our apartments or landed properties, there are definitely window installed for ventilation purposes. The following types of window are frequently installed:

  1. Casement window – window which opens out link a typical door.
  2. Sliding window – window which slides across the other window.
  3. Louvred window – window with many panels above the one at the bottom. It is opened by pushing a lever down.

Regardless of the type of window you have, it has to be properly maintained to avoid heavy fines.

Window repair and replacement services

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Fines and Jail Term for Not Repairing Window

If you fail to replace the aluminium rivets with stainless steel rivets for your window, you can be fined up to SGD5,000 and/or jailed up to six months. If a window falls because you have maintained it properly, you may be fined up to SGD10,000 and/or jailed up to one year.

Read here for safety regulations for window in HDB apartments and here for BCA Window Safety information.

Window Repair for Responsible Home Owners

With or without the regulations, it is only right that the homeowners examine their windows periodically and hire a specialist to perform window repair as soon as the homeowners discover any damages or defects.

If you have never carried out an examination before, get our window repair handyman to check immediately.

We can quickly replace your aluminium rivets with stainless steel rivets quickly. We can install safety stopper and angle strips easily on your sliding window.

We have the HDB and BCA license, and our specialists are well-trained and experienced to take on the task of window repair and replacement. We make sure that you strictly observe the HDB and BCA regulation.

It is important for you to know that all our window specialists, electricians and plumbers are qualified and certified to perform their tasks.

Sealant to repair window's water leakage

Window Replacement and Water Leakages

Sometimes the window is beyond repair and a complete replacement may be a wiser choice.  You may need to pay a little more but you know it will give you a peace of mind for the next few years. Unlike window repair, the issue may resurface again. This is especially so for water seepage. The water proofing of window sometimes depends on the alignment and the walls which the window is mounted. If the window has been there for more than 5 years and the water seepage problem keeps recurring, you may wish to get the window repairman to replace the window and at the same time arrange for the waterproofing of the wall under the window.

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Window repair is just one of the many services we have. You should also consider engaging our following services:

  1. Drilling of wall and ceiling;
  2. Fixing a ceiling fan;
  3. Repairing wooden furniture;
  4. Fixing electrical wiring; and
  5. Painting of house and office.


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