Waterproofing Contractor - Waterproofing Service for Floor and Ceiling

Waterproofing contractor performs waterproofing service on wall, floor and ceiling to make them not permeable to water (i.e. water is not able to pass through them). It usually requires the process of coating the wall, floor and/or ceiling with a layer of water-resistant material to prevent the penetration of water. Waterproofing of wall, floor and ceiling is necessary in Singapore because most of us live in the flat where our ceiling is another person's floor. Even if you live in landed property, it is common to hire a waterproofing contractor for roof repair, including the waterproofing of roof.

Price of Waterproofing Service

Bathroom or toilet is the place which frequently require waterproofing service or repair due to the constant exposure to water. The cost of waterproofing the bathroom usually starts from SGD500 onwards depending on the size of the bathroom. You can call our waterproofing contractor to provide you with a fee quote.

Wall under the window is another area where water proofing is commonly requested. This is especially so when the homeowner install window at the balcony which affects the waterproofing of the wall.

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Waterproofing Methods used by Waterproofing Contractor

Waterproofing method can be broadly classified into liquid-applied material and pre-formed membrane sheet. Liquid-applied material is applied on the surface and is allowed to dry to form a waterproofing layer. Sometimes liquid-applied material or sealant may be injected into the area where water leakage is suspected in order to temporarily seal the leakage. On the other hand, pre-formed membrane sheet is a piece of pre-created waterproofing blanket to be laid and attached on the surface to create the water-resistance. Please read here for more details of waterproofing of surfaces.

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Who is Responsible for the Cost of Waterproofing?

When water leaks and penetrate from your floor to your neighbor’s ceiling, the repair cost to waterproof your floor will be equally split between you and your neighbor downstairs (for HDB apartment). However, if you are living in a condominium apartment, you will have to bear 100% of the cost because you are considered to be responsible for the leakage unless you can show otherwise.

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It is important that the waterproofing is done properly for the floor of the kitchen, bathroom and balcony where the exposure to water is higher. Waterproofing of floor, wall and ceiling is a complicated task. Moreover, tile replacement service, which we are also providing, may be required after the waterproofing. Therefore, your decision to use a reputable waterproofing contractor is important. Contact us today to provide you with quality waterproofing service and other repair services.


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