Drilling Service on Wall and Ceiling, Wooden and Metal Surfaces

Drilling service is a form of service provided by handyman to create holes on the wall or ceiling for mounting items. It is necessary to drill holes on the wall and ceiling to hang heavy objects.

Boring into wall and ceiling or wooden and metal surfaces to mount or install something at home is common. For example, you need to drill and mount ceiling fan and wall fan. However, to drill into a particular surface requires some knowledge. You will need to select the right mode on the drill and use the right drill bit. A drill or hand drill is a device or machine which looks like a gun and is used for boring holes on different types of surfaces. A drill bit is attached to the drill so that the drill can create holes of the right diameter on the surface. The drill bit comes in different sizes to drill holes of different diameter.

Wall drilling service

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Types of Drill Bit

2 types of drill bit most commonly used by handyman for drilling surfaces are:

  1. Twist bit
  2. Masonry bit

Twist Bit

Twist bits are the most popular drill bit used by handyman to cut wooden, metal and plastic materials. You will notice a carpenter using the twist bit to drill holes in the wooden planks before fixing bolts and nuts.

Masonry Bit

Masonry bit, as the name implies, is suitable for drilling into brick and concrete surfaces. Therefore, it is typically used for drilling into walls and ceiling.  Its tip looks more like a diamond shape and is usually painted red. When an electrician drill holes on the wall for installing lamps, you will notice that he uses the masonry bit.

Ceiling Drilling Service
masonry and twisted drill bit
handyman drilling the wall

Drill Mode

In a typical drill, there should be 2 modes, normal drilling and hammer drilling. For hammer drilling mode, it hit the surface like a hammer (forward and backwards) while it rotates. This mode is necessary when you are drilling into brick and concrete. This mode is usually used with masonry bit.

If you are drilling into wood, metal or plastic, the normal drilling mode with twist bit should be sufficient.

Please note that there are many different types of drill bits as well as other drilling modes for more sophisticated drilling. However, the above knowledge should be sufficient if you are performing some basic drilling on your own. Read here for more information on various types of drill bit.

Our Drilling Service

Our handyman can easily drill on your wall, ceiling and other surfaces for mounting photo frames to installing ceiling fan.

The most important thing is to hire our reliable handyman to perform such drilling work because we will check for any conceal electrical wires before drilling. This will avoid drilling into live wires and requiring an electrician to rewire your house due to carelessness.

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