Roof Repair, Restoration and Replacement Services in Singapore

Roof repair, restoration and replacement are different processes of fixing your roof problem. When a property ages, it is naturally that roof issue will surface. Periodic roof inspection and maintenance is critical to ensure that minor roof issue is quickly repaired and resolved. This will avoid a situation where roof replacement is required.

Performing Roof Repair

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Difference between Roof Repair, Restoration and Replacement

Roof repair usually refers to the fixing small damage at various location of your roof. For example, there is some leakages which can be patched up.

Roof restoration usually means a large part or substantial section of the roof needs repair. It is more than just repairing the roof. It involves cleaning the roof, making thorough repairs on every part and corners and using special coating to seal the roof and restore it near to its original condition.

Roof replacement as its name implies means replacing the roof when it is not suitable for restoration. It usually involves stripping the shingles from the roof and replacing the under-layment. Roof replacement is also known as re-roofing.

To avoid a complete roof replacement exercise, it is important for homeowners to schedule periodic maintenance so that any damaged due to heavy rains or wear and tear can be quickly spotted and roof repair can be immediately performed. Just like electrical repair and plumbing maintenance, the earlier you discover and fix it, the cheaper it is. It is definitely advisable to have periodic roof examination every 6 to 9 months and pay for minor roof repair than to have a major roof restoration or replacement at a later stage. Moreover, when it comes to roof replacement, it may affect existing electrical wiring, ceiling fan and other structures. Homeowners should opt for the wiser option of having period maintenance and cleaning.

Our Roof Repair and Related Services

We provide roof inspection services at affordable fee. We can clean your roof with high pressure water device and perform the roof inspection using advanced roofing equipment on the same day. When repair is needed, you can count on us to perform the roof repair properly and quickly.

If the roof is badly damaged, we will advise you on the best option, whether to go for roof restoration or replacement.

Frequent routine roof inspection and maintenance is still the best solution to catch the roof problems at an early stage and when the roof can be effectively repaired and waterproofed.

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Damaged Roof Requires Repair

Other Handyman Services

Besides roof repair, we also provide other general home repair and installation services like electrical service, plumbing service, carpentry service, painting service and tile repair service.  You may email us to find out more.

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