Painting Services for Homes and Offices in Singapore

Painting services is an important part of renovation. A house without fresh paint on its wall and ceiling looks old. An office without a new coat of paint looks dull. The color of your house and office creates the first impression for your guests and customers when they enter your premises. Knowing how important their first impression is, it is critical that you get a painting contractor or painting company to provide you with the necessary painting services for your premises every few years.

Fee for Painting Services

Below is our painting fee for painting a typical HDB apartment. For condominium, you can use the fee of executive and maisonette as a guide.

HDB FlatPrice Range
3 RoomSGD500toSGD900
4 RoomSGD550toSGD1000
5 RoomSGD600toSGD1100
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Painting Services for Residential and Commercial Property

Painting services for residential property is different from commercial property. The scale of painting or area to be painted is much larger for commercial property than residential property. This means that more painters will be involved, more paint and painting equipment need to be provided and more coordination work needs to be done for commercial painting. As such, painting contractor is usually more experienced for commercial painting. You can read more about the difference between commercial and residential painting here.

Different types of Painting Services provided by Painting Companies

Besides differentiating the painting services into residential and commercial, it can also be broadly classified into outdoor and indoor as well as the following categories:

  1. Wall painting;
  2. Ceiling painting (especially after waterproofing work);
  3. Furniture painting (if you hire a carpenter, he will normally take care of this); and
  4. Metal painting.
wall painting service in Singapore

Outdoor and Indoor Painting

Some new homeowners or inexperienced do-it-yourself home painters make the mistake of using the same paint for both ceiling and wall. The paint for ceiling and wall is different and it is important for homeowners doing the painting themselves to know this.

Ceiling paint is typically stickier and thicker than wall paint because it is made to minimize dripping and cover little unevenness and hide imperfection. Due to its purpose and attributes, it usually comes in white or very light color and without fanciful finishing (e.g. glossiness).

On the other hand, wall paint comes with many colors and shades, and different types of finishing. They can be formulated for easy cleaning and better durability.

Wall and ceiling paint is also known as emulsion or water-based paint. Find out more about the difference between wall and ceiling paint here.

Other than painting wall and ceiling, you may need to paint wooden furniture and metal surfaces like pipes. Paint for furniture and metal is different from wall and ceiling. If you would rather paint it yourself, let us link you to the guide for furniture painting and the guide for metal painting.

Outdoor and Indoor Painting

The difference between outdoor or exterior painting versus indoor or interior painting is the type of paint to be used for the surfaces. Paints for exterior painting needs to be more hardy to withstand rain and shine and the extreme temperatures. The painter should choose the paint with softer resins and more additives so that it is more resistance against changing weather conditions and more suitable for exterior painting. Here is more write up about the difference between paints used for exterior and interior painting.

Skilled Painter for Indoor and Outdoor

Our Affordable Painting Services

We can provide all types of painting services. In addition, we will advise you on the effects of different color and the suitability of different types of paint. We made painting so much easier for you. Our professional house and furniture painters are here to provide the best painting experience for you. You can count on us, one of the best painting company, to meet or even exceed your expectation. Our handyman provide a one-stop for all house repair and installation services. Call us now at (+65) 8163 2621 to check for painting promotions and other discounted services. Alternatively, you may send us a written message via our "Contact Us" page.

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