Light Installation Services – LED Light Repair and Light Fitting Replacement

Light installation and repair services provided by handyman electrician can be broadly classified into the following categories:

  1. Replacement of light bulb or tube without upgrading (i.e. replacing the part where light emits);
  2. Replacement of light fittings without upgrading (i.e. replacing the part of the light unit that is mounted to the ceiling or wall where the bulb is attached);
  3. Upgrading the light bulbs and/or upgrading the light fittings (e.g. changing from conventional light to LED light);
  4. Creating more light fittings and installing more light bulbs; and
  5. Repairing loose connection to lights and light fittings.

Regardless of the type of light installation and repair services you need, most electricians should not have problem fulfilling. The only issue is that the electrician is a technical person who may not be able to understand your preference when it comes to the type of light you would like to have in your rooms and other parts of your living spaces which will beautify the home. For example, how the lights should blend in with your carpet flooring and window to create the kind of effect you desire. The type, color and brightness of light at home creates different moods which are conducive for different activity. In addition, the light must be practical and functional when it comes to work. This is the difference between our electrician and other electricians. You can count on us to pay attention to both the practical and aesthetic value of our electrical services and advise you appropriately on both aspects.

LED light installation at home

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Repairing Light and Light Fittings

Type of light installation most suitable for resting in the bedroom

Study has shown that blue light and white light is less conducive for sleep while red light appears most conducive for sleep. However, most people won’t have a red light installed in the room. Perhaps amber or orange light is the color that comes closest to red.

Though LED light is very energy efficient, it is known to produce substantially more blue light than other conventional light bulbs. This makes it good for work but not very conducive for sleep. Incandescent bulb, which is not energy efficient, appears to be a better option for sleep. Recently, there is LED light which is red or amber in color and claims to be blue-light free. You may wish to give it a try and see if the LED light works for you.

Picking the right light for your living room, dining room, bedrooms and kitchen is never easy. It is a separate discussion altogether and we recommend you to read the article on picking the best light bulbs for every room.

If the cost of bulb (over its life span) and the energy efficiency of the bulb is your main concern, the choice will be simpler. That is, LED light for all rooms. Perhaps get the LED amber light which is blue-light free for your bedroom.

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Light fittings replacement
Different types of light installation

Our electrician is trained to performed all types of electrical work, e.g. change of fuse box, ceiling fan installation and repair, electrical wiring and rewiring, etc.

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