Cleaning Services After Repair Work

Cleaning services is very sought after especially during the Chinese New Year Season. Home cleaning task is never easy and it gets harder after the repair and maintenance work performed by your friendly handyman. Whether it is the repair of water pipes or changing the basin by the plumber, the replacement of lightings and installation of ceiling fan by the electrician or simply giving the house a fresh coat of paint, you know it can be end up with lots of cleaning work to do.

cleaning services after handyman work

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Professional Cleaning Services at the Right Price

With professional home or domestic cleaning services, you can be assured the cleaning is well taken care of when you have any repair and maintenance job to perform. Many cleaning companies provide not just floor cleaning but also window cleaning, fan cleaning, roof cleaning and other related services. Most importantly, the price of cleaning work is getting very competitive nowadays. For the more competitive ones, we are looking at SGD10 per hour. Some cleaning companies charge SGD15 to SGD20 per hour for the cleaning tasks especially when it is near to Chinese New Year. You can also look for cleaning companies offering once off or adhoc spring cleaning services at very affordable rates. Whichever cleaning company you choose, it is important that you check what are the hidden cost and if there is insurance covered or compensation when the cleaners damage or break any of your belongings.

Post Repair Cleaning Services

One-Stop Services for General Repair and Cleaning

Some cleaning companies partner with handyman companies to offer a one stop service for cleaning, maintaining and repairing the house for you. We are one of the handyman service company which link up with a few cleaning companies to provide the best experience for customers. Call us now at to check out the best cleaning cum handyman services package today.

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