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Electrician is a person who is trained to maintain, repair and install electrical device and apparatus as well as provide other electrical services. They have the knowledge to carry out electrical procedures to ensure that the electrical items are working properly and safely.

Everyone needs an electrician to install wire, switches, lightings and electrical outlets and sockets before moving into a new home. Most of us know the risk of not getting a qualified electrician to perform electrical work and as such our electrical wiring, switches, lights and equipment are usually installed properly by a qualified electrical professional. In the first few years, we should not encounter major electrical problems because all the electrical wires and devices are new. However, after some years of usage, electrical issues tend to surface and the hiring of the electrician to look into such issues become necessary.

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Choosing the Right Electrician

Our decision to hire an electrician should be based on the following factors:

  1. Is the electrician certified by EMA and is he/she experienced in handling the electrical situation you are facing?
  2. Is he/she a recommended electrical service provider by friends, relatives or trusted source?
  3. How much is the electrical firm charging (i.e. price of electrical services)?

If the electrician is recommended by someone, it means he/she has a certain level of reputation in the industry and you should consider hiring this electrical specialist. The same hiring conditions can be applied to carpenter, plumber and handyman (i.e. whether he is qualified and experience, whether he is recommended by someone and the fee of handyman services).

Common Electrical Issues

Electrician is usually called upon when the circuit breaker keeps tripping. Such situation may be caused by a short circuit or electrical overload (i.e. the appliances draws more electricity than what the circuit can safely manage). Whenever you encounter a circuit breaker trip, you should check or troubleshoot whether it is due to a particular appliance which draws excessive electricity and is causing the circuit to overload. If yes, you can easily resolve the issue by unplugging the appliance and stopping it from overloading the circuit. If no, it may be something more serious and a qualified electrical technician should be hired to examine further. In any case, you should read this to observe some safety procedures when resetting the circuit breaker.

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Emergency Electrician

When there is a persistent power failure, especially for offices and commercial premises where business operations can be badly affected by the shut-down of electrical supply, you will have to call for an emergency electrician.

Sometimes, you may wish to call the electrician immediately when there is burning smell from the wires, the electrical distribution board, or the electrical outlets. This is because it is an indication of something worst which can happen. Such electrical issue may lead to fire and it is important to bring in an electrician to examine it as soon as possible. If the burning smell or if there is sparks occurring, it is import for you to reach out to the circuit board and shut down the electrical supply before the electrician’s arrival.

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