Electrical Wiring and Rewiring Services

Electrical wiring service is to lay electrical wires around your house or apartment so that the wires can be connected to electrical points and switches. Electrical rewiring is to remove the existing wires and re-lay new wires around your home.

Electrical wiring is complicated. Therefore you should not attempt to wire it yourself if you are not a trained and qualified electrician. Whether it is a HDB flat or private property, electrical wiring is common for property which is more than 10 years old. Some owners also choose to rewire the place if they bought a resale property. For offices and commercial buildings, it is even more critical to rewire the premises properly and change the distribution board during renovation. This is because you cannot afford any down time due to disruption of electrical power supply. Any down time means your business operation and revenue is affected. As such, businesses should invest in electrical rewiring services when it is moving into a new premise as a form preventive measure against business disruption.

Copper Wires for Electrical Wiring

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Risk of Electrical Wiring

If the electrical wires are not laid properly, you can put yourself, your family members, your employees and everyone in the premises at risk. We should always put safety as the main concern when dealing with any electrical projects and installation.

Our electrician ensures that electrical wiring is connected safely and properly for all types of electrical installation. It can be ceiling fan installation, socket installation or lighting installation, you know we take them seriously.

When do you need Electrical Wiring Service

If you have not performed any electrical wiring or rewiring for more than 10 years, it is time for you to perform some periodical checks:

  1. For cables in the plastic casing, you can open some parts and check if the cables are exposed (i.e. the insulation is peeling). If yes, there is a risk of short circuit when the live wires come into contact with the other wires;
  2. Burning smell and marks are also indication that the wiring condition need to be checked; and
  3. Circuit breaker is always tripping and the fuse is always blown.

Electrician knows the different types and sizes of electrical wires for different purposes. Choosing and using the right type and size of wires is important. For a layman, you may not understand much about the technicalities of electrical wires. As such, you should leave the laying of electrical wires to a qualified electrician. You can read more about electrical wires here.

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Electrical wires laid on wall

Drilling into a Wire

Most of us will drill a hole in our wall to hang things. However, as most houses have their electrical wires concealed in the wall, you may accidentally drill into an electrical wire. The next thing you know is that the circuit breaker trips, the fuse is blown, and you do not know what to do.  If this occurs, you should contact the electrician to either perform an isolated electrical wiring (i.e. change the wire along the section that is affected). However, if the electrician thinks that the wires for the who house or apartment is due for rewiring, you may wish to take this opportunity to perform a full-scale electrical wiring.

Electricians to Wire Your Premises

If you are looking for electricians to perform the electrical wiring, you can count on our experienced electricians who are qualified and certified for such complex electrical project. You can be assured that safety is our top priority and we will never put anyone at risk when it comes to electrical installations.

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