Electrical Repair, Installation and Replacement Services in Singapore

Electrical repair service is necessary when electrical problems surface. Electrical repair refers to a task to find out the fault of the electrical issue and rectify it accordingly. A qualified and certified electrician should be hired to perform the electrical repair, replacement or installation to ensure that it is performed properly and safely. Let us look at some of the common electrical repair and installation requests by home owners.

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We also have a team of handyman for general house repair, plumbing, carpentry and painting services.

Distribution Board Repair and Installation

If the circuit breaker of your electrical distribution board trips frequently, it is advisable to engage an electrician to trouble-shoot the problem and locate the cause of tripping. If the problem is not serious, you may not need to replace the distribution board. Perhaps, some rectification and repair work should resolve the issue. However, at times, the replacement of distribution board may be necessary.

Repair, Replacement and Installation of Lights

If your light bulbs keep blowing, you may wish to get an electrician to take a closer look. It may be caused by the wiring of the light fittings or due to some electrical circuit problems.

Some homeowners, who are not comfortable with replacing the lights or light bulbs themselves, may need the existing lights or light bulbs to be replaced by our handyman electrician. We would be glad to help the homeowners with the lighting or light bulbs replacement at affordable price.

With an increase in request for LED lights recently due to its lower electricity consumption and durability, more and more homeowners are replacing their conventional lights with LED lights. Our electrical technicians frequently change conventional lights like fluorescent tube, halogen lamp and incandescent light bulb to LED lights. Our handyman electricians will not disappoint you when in comes to light repair and replacement.

checking and connecting electrical wires to light
repairing electrical switches

Ceiling Fan and Wall Fan Repair

Wall fan and ceiling fan repair and replacement are common as most homes installed them. There are a number of possibilities why the fans are not functioning properly. Our skilled electricians are able to trouble-shoot the problems and repair the fans on the spot. Sometimes, it may be more cost effective to install a new fan rather than to repair an existing fan. Let us know your needs and we shall deliver the service which meets your expectation.

Electrical Power Outlet Installation and Replacement

It is quite common that homeowners only discover that they need more electrical power when they move into the house and stay there for a while.  Having the electrical outlet conveniently located at the place which you need most is important for you to carry out your work at home effectively.

Some homeowners may wish to increase the existing electrical outlets from one to two or from two to four. As families in Singapore becomes more affluent, it is understandable that they use more electrical and electronic devices and having sufficient number of electrical power outlets where they can access easily is important.

We will be able to install the electrical outlets at the place you want them to and conceal the extended electrical wires nicely so that they will not look unsightly.

creating and testing electrical points

Other Electrical Installation

Additional TV points, LAN cable points and telephone points are frequently requested. However, with digital TV signal, powerful wireless router and lesser use of home telephone line, these requests have gradually decreased over the years.

Whether it is a replacement of electrical item or an installation of new electrical item, our electrician has the right tools and expertise to perform them. Most importantly, we make sure that your safety well taken care of. For example, before we drill into any wall or ceiling to install a new electrical item, we scan for live wires concealed in the wall or ceiling.

Testing the Electrical Installation and Repair for Safety Reason

Our electricians will make sure that all electrical installations are tested to ensure that they work properly and safely before they leave your premises. This is the quality assurance which we would like our customers to have.

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If you decide to attempt any electrical installation on your own, it is important that you observe the safety procedures. We would like to remind you that safety is our top priority when serving our customers. Therefore, we strongly discourage homeowners to perform highly dangerous electrical repair and installation on their own if they are not a trained electrician. Engage our electrician by calling (+65) 8163 2621 or emailing us via our contact form.

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