Electrical Distribution Board Installation and Repair

Electrical Distribution Board is commonly called the Fuse Box or Circuit Breaker Panel. The electrical distribution board is an enclosure with panel consisting of a primary circuit breaker and many secondary circuit breakers. A circuit breaker trips and protects an electrical circuit from damage by terminating electricity supply when there is excess current or short circuit. The electric power is controlled by the primary circuit breaker and is divided and supplied to the secondary circuit breaker. Each secondary circuit breaker is isolated from the other secondary circuit breakers. When there is a current overload or short circuit within the secondary circuit breaker, it should only trip that secondary circuit breaker.  The primary circuit breaker provides another layer of protection and trips when the secondary circuit breaker is not functioning properly when there is excess current overload or short circuit.

Read here for more in-depth understanding of of the circuit breaker as well as different types of circuit breaker. You may also consult our electrician for more information.

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Reasons for Getting a New Electrical Distribution Board Installed

If you have bought a resale apartment or house and the distribution board has been there for 10 years or more, the fuses in the distribution board may have deteriorated. Therefore, it is better for you to change the distribution board. If your lights frequently flicker, it may be a sign of deterioration of distribution board.

Another reason for the change is when the distribution board is not in compliance with EMA regulations in terms of wiring.

As a general rule, if the distribution board and electrical wiring of the premises is more than 10 years old, it is advisable for you to change the distribution board and rewire the premises. Whenever you give your house a new coat of paint (usually every 5 years), you should ask yourself if you should get an electrician in to check on the distribution board.

Proper procedure to reset the Circuit Breaker in the Electrical Distribution Board when it trips

When a circuit breaker trips, most of the time we just switch the individual to “on” position to restart the flow of electrical power. Sometimes, it trips again and we don’t know what to do.

The correct way of resetting the circuit breaker is to switch off all the equipment connected to the power supply before you restart the flow of electrical power. You may then locate the electrical equipment which cause the trip by switching on each of them one at a time. If you encounter another trip when you switch on a particular electrical equipment, you know it is this equipment which cause the trip. You will have to stop using this equipment and send it for repair.

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