Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair in Singapore

Ceiling fan installation at home and commercial places is getting more popular nowadays because Singaporeans know that ceiling fan is an effective way of cooling the place without having to pay too much for the electricity usage. Ceiling fan installation refers to the mounting of fan on the ceiling so that the fan blows air from top to bottom. Some ceiling fans are designed to rotate at different angles and provide greater air circulation. With more ceiling fans installed, it means there will be more demand for ceiling fan repair services by qualified electrician since the fans are definitely going to breakdown after some time. Let’s discuss about ceiling fan installation first.

Position of Ceiling Fan for Most Effective Air Circulation

To get the best air flow result from ceiling fan installation, the fan should be fixed at about 8 to 9 feet above ground and about 18 inches away from the wall. If you are staying in a condominium with high ceiling, you may need a ceiling fan rod to extend the fan downwards. It is inevitable that the handyman has to drill holes on your ceiling to fix the ceiling fan. The ceiling fan should be fixed at the middle of the room for optimal air circulation. In addition, the size of the blade relative to the size of the room should also be taken into consideration when selecting the right type and size of ceiling fan to be installed. In general, a bigger HDB room can use a 42 to 44 inches ceiling fan while a smaller HDB room can use a 36 inches ceiling fan. Read more about specific room dimension and size of ceiling fan here.

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Should you DIY for Ceiling Fan Installation?

It is not advisable to install the ceiling yourself as there are electrical wires to be connected and heavy ceiling fan to be mounted. You may put yourself and your family in danger if you did not connect the electrical wires correctly or did not mount the fan securely. As such, it is better for you to outsource your ceiling fan installation to a qualified electrical professional. It is common for the shop which sells you the fan to offer the ceiling fan installation service at a reasonable fee.

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Two Most Common Ceiling Fan Repair Requests

Though ceiling fan is one of the most effective and efficient fan for homes and offices, it also comes with its problems just like any electrical equipment. 2 most frequently encountered issues are:

    1. Wobbly and Noisy Ceiling Fan
      A wobbly and noisy ceiling fan is most probably due to the blade of the fan. Give the ceiling fan a thorough wash so that you get rid of all dust and dirt accumulated on the blade. Thereafter, tighten all the screw of the fan. Anything that is loose may cause the wobbliness and noise. You should also use some machine oil to lubricate the ball bearings. Then, switch on the fan and see if the wobbliness and noise persist. If they didn't persist, it means you have successfully overcome the issue. If they persist, check whether there is any fan blades that are bent or gone out of shape. If yes, you may have to change the blade. If no, you may need a specialist to look at the issue.
    1. Fan Speed
      You could not switch on the ceiling fan with your remote control. It is likely that the remote control’s battery is flat. You just need to change the battery. However, if you notice that the ceiling fan is not spinning according to the speed you have switched to, or only two out of three speed are working, it is time to replace the remote control.For a person with some electrical knowledge and does not mind spending some time and getting the hands dirtied, it is possible to change the remote control himself. There are 2 parts to the remote control – the control itself and the receiver connected to the ceiling fan’s wires. You can easily buy the remote control and receiver online. When you are fixing the receiver, make sure you switch off the fan and the main circuit providing electrical supply to the fan. You should also take a photo of the wiring connection of the existing receiver before you disconnect the wires so that you can refer to the photo when you connect the wires to the new receiver.For your safety, it is in your best interest to engage an electrician to troubleshoot any ceiling fan issues. With the expert in ceiling fan installation and other electrical repair, you know your problem will be resolve quickly and safely.

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