Handyman Carpet Installation, Repair and Removal in Singapore

Carpet installation, repair and removal can be performed by our handyman who is trained to deal with carpets at homes and offices. Sometimes, instead of installing new carpet which will cost more, you may wish to engage us just to we remove the stain on the carpet or replace the portion of your carpet which is damaged.

We are able to supply you with different types of carpets suitable for residential or commercial use. Different types of carpet may give you a slightly different feel. The color combination and patterns of carpet, together with the appropriate lighting from light installation, is important to bring out the best of your room and office. Let us can create a lively mood or luxurious feeling in your premises. Our carpet specialist will be able to advise you prior to the carpet installation and all the way to the time when the carpet is nicely laid on your premises.

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Our contact number is (+65) 8163 2621.

We provide all types of repair and maintenance services. Below is a list of the services we are providing.

  1. Electrical repair services including electrical wiring;
  2. Installation services like fixing ceiling fan and mounting light on ceiling and wall;
  3. Plumbing services;
  4. Painting services;
  5. Carpentry services;
  6. Waterproofing service; and
  7. Other general repair services.

Roll Carpet and Tiled Carpet

Roll carpet or boardroom carpet is large carpet which is very wide and covers a large floor area. It is large so that it minimizes the lines shown on the joints of carpet. Sometimes it is large enough for the room such that you do not see any jointing lines. Roll carpet is good for noise-cancelling or reduction and it is also more durable compared to tiled carpet. Together with noise cancelling window installation, roll carpet will give you the best effect for meeting room and home theatre.

Carpet tiles are carpets that come in square pieces. They are small pieces of carpet which joint together to form the whole floor of carpet. Carpet tiles are easy and fast to lay, can mix and match and create many types of designs and allow owners to simply replace the carpet tile if it is damaged.

If you would like to soundproof your floor using premium carpet underlayment, we are also able to assist with it. Below is a video of how soundproofing can be done with premium carpet underlayment.

Engage our Handyman for Carpet Installation, Repair and Removal Services

Our carpet specialist is always ready to pick up your call. They can be reached at (+65) 8163 2621.

For homeowners who have hard physical tile like ceramic, marble, etc., our tile repair and replacement specialists can also help with any tile issues.

roll carpet installation service
Blue and Gray Tiled Carpet Installation

We would love to provide other services along with carpet repair and installation. Any general repair services is welcome. We have specialized plumbers and electricians on standby to deal with any plumbing issues and electrical issues (e.g. repairing and troubleshooting main circuit breaker panel). Find out more about our affordable electrical servicing prices here.

Repair Issue

Handyman onsite for repair and maintenance work.

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Plumbing Issue

Plumber connecting flexible water hose to the water heater.

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Roof Issue

Roof expert checking the condition of the roof.

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Drilling Issue

Drilling holes on the wall to mount heavy objects.

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