Carpenter or Carpentry Contractor - Wood Repair and Restoration Services

Carpenter is a skilled person who creates and repairs wooden furniture and items. Carpenter customizes your wooden cabinet and shelving or provides carpentry service to repair and restore your existing woodwork. With space constraints in Singapore, carpentry services becomes really important because the storage and furniture can be designed to maximize every corner of the space you have at home and offices. A good carpenter must be able to create the furniture which is nice and functional.

Carpenter performing carpentry tasks

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(+65) 6871 8741 is the number to dial and reach our specialists handling woodwork. You may also email us to check our carpentry services.

Carpenter for Residential and Commercial

We provide both residential and commercial carpentry services. Whether it is shelving, benches, storage or other furniture, we are able to customize them to meet your needs.

Carpentry Repair and Installation

We understand that most of you require a handyman carpenter to repair the furniture. It is important that you hire a skilled carpenter for furniture repair work because it is usually more difficult to restore the old furniture to their original working condition than to build a new furniture. He or she must use the right type of wood and think of the most appropriate way to mend the damage. The risk of further damage is high and therefore extreme care has to be observed when it comes to carpentry work for fixing broken or damaged furniture.

The furniture has to be painted after repair work and the carpenter must also be well-trained in wooden painting to bring out the best of the furniture after the repair. We have specialist in furniture painting as well as in other painter services.

Choosing the Right Carpenter for Carpentry Project

Having the right carpenter means having durable, well-designed and extremely functional furniture. How do we find the right woodwork expert?

Checking the credentials is always a good way to determine how good the woodwork specialist is. However, the most practical way of hiring a good carpenter is through the recommendation of friends and relatives who had used his carpentry services and is able to testify the quality of completed work.

Repair and Restoration of Woodwork

There may be an existing piece of furniture which you like so much and do not wish to change. It may have some special meaning in your life and you wish to keep it permanently. However, it is now old, dirty and slightly damaged. The defects are difficult for you to fix them yourself. Don’t worry. Our skilled carpenters are here to help with the woodwork repair and restoration so that your old furniture will regain its shine and look again. We have a team which specializes in repair and restoration of furniture back to their good original condition. We even perform the restoration of wooden window and window frame to the original condition. We will be glad to show you the projects which we had completed to give you the additional assurance of our quality repair and restoration work.

carpenter measuring wood to cut
carpenter chisel woodwork

Questions to ask the Carpenter

There are some critical questions which you must ask before you get the carpenter to start work and they are:

  1. How much does the carpentry work cost?
  2. If there is slight alteration or modification to the existing design, how much more will the carpenter charge? This can happen as we may discover certain needs along the way and require to make some changes to the earlier design.
  3. What materials will the carpentry contractor use? Make sure you read up the different types and quality of materials which is applicable to your furniture and ensure that the quality is not compromised.

Pricing of carpentry work should not be the main factor in deciding which carpenter to engage. The quality of carpentry services and reputation of carpenter need to be consider too.  You may wish to read further on how to choose the right carpenter.

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Our skilled carpenter can be reached at (+65) 6871 8741. Call us or email us today for carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, roof repair, waterproofing of wall and other general maintenance, repair and installation work.

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