Handyman Services in Singapore

Handyman services refers to the provision of general repair, maintenance and installation work for home and office. The services usually includes electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting, drilling and general repair and installation work. The request for handyman services has increased recently in Singapore especially for residential properties. This is because more homeowners are willing to pay for the services so that they do not have to carry out the physically demanding activities of house repair and maintenance themselves. They can spend the precious time with family members and friends or pursuing other hobbies instead of repairing or fixing damaged items at home. Many young adults also lack the skills to perform electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting and other repair works.

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Hire a Handyman or Do-It-Yourself?

To save some money and to learn new skill, it is good to perform some general repair and maintenance work at home and office. This is provided that there is little risk of injury when you perform such work. However, some handyman work (e.g. electrical task) is advisable to be carried out by a trained professional to avoid injury or death.

How to Select a Suitable Handyman?

Many of us are home alone (especially the housewives) and it is only natural to worry about letting in a stranger to perform handyman service. Therefore, we recommend the following criteria when choosing the handyman:

  • Handyman used by your friend and relatives.

If any of your relatives or friends have a trusted and reliable handyman to introduce you, it is wise to use the same handyman for office and house repair. Even if the handyman service is a little expensive, it may be worth paying a little more for better repair work and services.

  • Ask for their licence or registration number.

If they are performing electrical or plumbing work, ask for their licence number.
Click here to check if your electrician is licensed.
Click here to check if your plumber is licensed.

  • Get a few quotes.

Getting a few quotes ensure that you are not paying too much for the same services.

  • After Sales Service Check.

It is important to check whether they perform rectification work free of charge when the initial repair work didn’t fix the problem. Some handyman is willing to come back to fix the problem if the same issue re-surface within 2 weeks to a month.

Types of Handyman Services We Provide

Electrician (Electrical Service)

Electrical work is an area where you should avoid doing it yourself if you are not a qualified electrician. By getting our qualified and reliable electrician, you avoid the risk of electrical shock, injuries and death.

Contact our electrician handyman today for reliable electrical repair, installation and maintenance. We provide more complex services like wiring and rewiring services for homes and offices, changing of the circuit breaker or distribution box, installation of ceiling fan, fixing LED lighting. Check out the prices of our electrical services and speak to our repairman about your issues to be resolved.

Plumber (Plumbing Service)

Plumbing work may be performed in-house if you have the tools and knowledge. The risk of injuring yourself is lower than electrical job. However, there is still some risk involved especially if you do not have the necessary tools and are using your bare hands to perform some plumbing tasks. For example, you clear the debris in the drainage pipe with your bear hand to unclog if and your hand gets trapped in the pipes. Tasks like changing taps and replacing bidet can be done with little risk. If you have never changed a tap or replace a bidet before, it may just take you a little longer to fix it properly. Though most plumbing repairs and replacement can be performed with little risk, it may be good to hire a handyman to do it really well and at reasonable price.

LED and Light Installation

For energy efficiency, many households and offices are replacing their conventional lights with LED lights. Our handyman electrician will be glad to perform the light replacement for you. If your existing light needs repair, we are always happy to help.

Ceiling Fan Installation

The installation of ceiling fan is not as easy as you think it is. Get our friendly electrical handyman to fix it for you today.

Painter (Painting Service)

Painting the walls and ceiling can be a very messy task. Why don't you outsource it to our handyman painter who is trained to provide quality painting service at acceptable rates?

Carpenter (Carpentry Service)

If you are not a carpenter yourself, it is obvious that this is an area you need our help. Create new shelves and repairing existing wooden cabinet can easily be performed by the handyman carpenter.

Waterproofing Service

Leakages from floor or ceiling only occurs after many years and most of us don’t have the necessary waterproofing tools, materials and know-how to resolve the leakages. Let us repair any leakages of floor, wall and ceiling for you today.

Handyman Drilling Service

Leave the drilling work to our handyman. We can perform it for you with the right tools. If you need to mount any items like picture frame or TV bracket, our handyman are happy to do it for you.

replacing floor tile

Handyman Tile Replacement

Broken tile or wooden flooring which needs replacement is common after staying in a house for more than 10 years. If you do not have extra tile for replacement, it is fine to source for the tile yourself. However, replacing it needs the necessary skill and appropriate tools to cut and align the tiles. This is another area which you should leave it to the domestic repairman trained in tile replacement.

Roof Repair

Roof repair carries some risk. As such, please allow our handyman, who observes strict safety procedures, to carry out your roof repair. We ensure that your roof problem is fixed in a safe manner.


Handyman Window Repair

Window repair can range from minor repair like changing handles to major repair like replacing the entire window frame or re-aligning the window. Our window repair specialist will be glad to help with any of your window issues.


Carpet Repair and Installation

Whether you are replacing or repairing your carpet at home or office, you know our handymen have the expertise to assist with it. Contact us to fix your carpet problem.


General House Repair Tools

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